Home in Order offers everything from basic  to deep house cleaning, we will clean your house from top to bottom. Whether your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or your entire home is in need of a professional-maid service, we will take care of it! If you like, we’ll even wash your laundry and do your dishes for you!

Pressure Washing

Most often, driveways can be the first impression of a homes "look". They can be full of caked on dirt, grime and algae. If you belong to an HOA they often times will frown upon neglected and dirty looking driveways and in turn will send you a violation letter. Revive your property’s curb appeal with a driveway wash and see that “dead” driveway come back to life. We can also pressure wash sidewalks, brick, and siding to your home.


Whether your home is needing interior or external painting we are able to provide a fast and fare estimate of the project and offer a quick hassle free service based on your deadline!

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters protect your home or building from water damage. Without gutters, water would pour off your roof on eroding landscaping and pool next to your foundation. Then it is only a matter of time before this surplus of water finds a way through the foundation and into your home or building. Clogged gutters do the same thing. Let Home in Order clean your gutters and prevent further water damage.


Our partner company Lawn in Order provides all landscaping services for residential and commercial lawn care needs.

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